An experimental short film on manic depression. A conversation with the self, reflecting and trying to remember all that is beautiful within the storm.

Some questions don't require answers but need to be said aloud.


The Shadow is always present
Within every being, place, and thing.
So many are blind to what terrifies them,
Never looking around and only straight ahead,
Never learning,
Never fully understanding,
Staying safe and never crossing their comfort zones.

Delirium aims to show the emotions and memories that we suppress, displayed on multiple television screens, being drained out from live humans.
Is the human controlling the images or
is the image the one doing the controlling?

Models: Sarah Dickow, Erik Richard, and Gray Gold
Sound: Woulg, "Fading Away"
Camera: Soyomyoyo
Additional Footage: Pavel Kubin


4/11 videos from my installation "Within" at the Boston Cyclorama, May 2016.

“To become conscious of [the shadow] involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real.” –Carl Jung

My work is inspired by my past struggle with bipolar disorder, and in an attempt to understand and reflect that past I have accepted my shadow and am trying to show that if embraced, it can be a beautiful thing. The shadow is a part of our selves that we keep in bottles, under wraps, and swept under carpets. It is a darkness many dare not face, but a vital half of understanding our whole selves. My first manic episode changed me; my eyes were opened to a darker world, one that I was afraid of in the past but upon facing my own demons I came to realize how beautiful even the horrific truly was. Horror as a genre further delves into the concept of the shadow and the subconscious by presenting us with dramatized versions of what we fear, creating physical monsters out of them that we can face and ultimately destroy. In life however, the monsters are within us, and we must face them every day.

Sometimes it all comes too fast and all at once, out of our control, making it difficult to breathe but this is the darkness we all must face to see the light.

Questions of home, identity, origin, life, and death are made through the explorations of space and expression; always looking closer for something more, trying to make sense of the world around me. A search for one’s whole self will feel fundamentally fragmented, juxtaposed, and conflicted; yet every one must find their own way to find unification between their split selves. A crack can be a beautiful thing, in places, within our selves, in creation, and through finding and noticing the cracks in the darkness; I believe that one can find the light.

mi(prison)nd // feat. eelko

a video expressing the prison within our minds.

video by soyomyoyo
sound by eelko

mud to milk

the creation of
the purity of
the human of